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As CEVIK PROJECT SOFTWARE; our major principle in everchanging and renewed software and construction industry is undersigning qualified projects with our technological knowledge, modern understanding, together with our experienced technical and management staff. We show maximum attention for planning, organization and project phase for every assignment. From our architects to engineers; software developer team to marketing group; all with their human valuing attitude, quality focusing and performing tasks with love are CEVIK PROJECT SOFTWARE employees’ common values.

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Innovative Solutions to Traditional Problems

The Construction Account is an innovative construction platform that measures your projects from A to Z in all processes and stages with easy steps, makes cost calculations and provides you with detailed analysis.

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Construction Cost Calculator


Transmit translation services to participants through their smart device

Forget about equipment costs. Get the Translator.fm app in meetings, events, conferences, and listen to the simultaneous translation from your smart device.

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Architecture is not just an output; it is a process.

Please take advantage of our experience and expertise. We will be pleased to work towards your specific needs and requests.

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Straight Arch